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Benidorm needs crackdown on drunk tourists, say businesses

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British business owners in Benidorm have called for a crackdown on drunken tourists at the Costa Blanca resort after Majorca revealed a raft of stringent measures.

Tourists flocking to Magaluf and the West End area of San Antonio, Ibiza, this summer face fines of more than £50,000 for balcony jumping.

Alcoholic drinks in all-inclusive hotel packages will be limited to three at lunch and dinner, as part of a regional government decree.

Karen Maling Cowles, president of the Benidorm British Business Association, described the moves as a “step in the right direction” and said their introduction for the Costa Blanca resort would be welcomed.

“I totally agree with what’s being done in places like Magaluf and I’d like to see something similar being brought in here,” she said.

Brits float down street in Benidorm on lilos after torrential rain

“Something’s got to be done because the more you wait, the bigger the problem grows.

“I support the idea of fines and consequences for peoples’ actions.”

Draft by-laws drawn up two years ago to tackle drunken tourism in Benidorm have yet to be approved in full.

The opposition Citizens Party called earlier this week for the draft document to be picked up again and passed as soon as possible.

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