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Ivanka Trump mocked for posting photo of her and dad Donald eating McDonald’s on Air Force One

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Ivanka Trump is facing backlash after posting a photo of her and dad Donald eating a McDonald’s on Air Force One.

On Monday evening, the 38-year-old First Daughter shared a snap of her and Donald Trump tucking into a Big Mac and fries on board the US President’s jet with her 7.6million followers, along with the caption: “Memories from Iowa… post caucus snack with dad on Trump Force One!”

The photo, which has since racked up more than 42,000 likes and 5,000 retweets, was originally taken four years ago, when the duo attended the Iowa caucus in 2016.

Since, the internet has responded in a not-so-sympathetic way.

One person wrote: “[sic] OMG the position of POTUS has been reduced to a frickin McDonald’s commercial. How pathetic.”

Another commented: “Garbage food for garbage people.”

A third said: “Ahh those memories. Which city was this again?”, referencing Mr Trump’s recent Super Bowl blunder where he congratulated Missouri instead of the Kansas City Chiefs.

An hour before, Ivanka posted another photo from the campaign trail four years ago, before her father was president.

In the second photo, she can be seen standing at the podium with her father standing to her left. She captioned the post: “4 years ago…caucusing with 45 in Iowa.”

Iowa, which is a swing state, is key in any presidential campaign, as not only does it act as a sort of litmus test for the rest of the election, it has notoriously flitted between voting for Democrats and Republicans.

At the time, during Mr Trump’s campaign for the 2017 US election, the business mogul pulled out all the stops to win over the foothold, and was accompanied by his daughter for the most part.

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Currently, the results for the Iowa caucus, which was supposed to determine the Democratic presidential candidate winner in the state, has been delayed while “quality checks” are taking place.

The party has denied claims that the voting app used to submit votes crashed, hacked or suffered an intrusion.

Results from the Iowa caucus are expected to be announced on February 4.

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