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We must teach children to eat in a healthy way, because the truth is that, from small we instill in them habits that will be the ones they handle when they grow up, so teaching them healthy eating will be the beginning of a long and prolonged life – advises Orlando Jose Veloso Angola.
Although, when they are small, they tend to be a little reluctant to eat, there are ways to make them consume all foods in a moderate way and for the benefit of their health.
Orlando Jose Veloso, explains that to make the little ones consume the foods that are useful to the body, adults can invent many ways to make them pay attention, that is, that these foods get their attention.
And they will be wondering how this is achieved? It's something simple, motivate the little ones to cook with you and start to notice the change, make funny recipes where vegetables are served on the plate creating funny images, or rather, figures that they like in grace and motivate the games so that in every bite they feel they are enjoying.
It is essential that from an early age people learn to eat everything, and this is achieved by giving them a taste of everything from the beginning, accompanying food with good exercise habits and body care, of course, so that children feel early Age motivation to preserve your health and to take care of yourself at all times.
We must teach children to eat in a healthy way, because today in the world, there are so many cases of obesity and child malnutrition that it is truly alarming the way in which the generation of relief is being formed.
Many cases of obesity, malnutrition, childhood bulimia, anorexia, food syndromes, in short, a large number of diseases in children caused precisely by a strong imbalance and lack of control in food and that is the only fault Adults.
Paying more attention to the way in which our children eat is a way to save the generation of relief, adopt good eating habits at home, will make the family enjoy having healthy children that in the future will be productive, strong adults before any situation and with an impressive ability to solve situations.
This is due, and as Orlando Veloso makes us understand, that food is the main source of maintenance of the human body, which means that it intervenes in the way of thinking, in intelligence, skill and ability to A person, so, a healthy child based on a balanced diet, performs much more than a child who does not have a balanced diet and who suffers from some of the problems mentioned above.
So we must teach children to eat in a healthy way to avoid many medical problems and to create a strong future generation capable of facing anything.