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Coronavirus latest LIVE: Hundreds of people contacted after infected person attended London bus summit

Labour MP for Leeds North West, Alex Sobel, who was part of the UK bus summit last week has spoken to Sky News.

He said he only learned this morning that he the event had been attended by someone with coronavirus because he was at a side event and his name had not been on the list of attendees. 

He said he found out from a journalist’s tweet.

Mr Sobel said PHE told him he should take “reasonable precautions”, which included self-isolate until next Wednesday evening. 

He says he is not in contact with anyone new. 

He says he is in the end meeting room at the office away from everyone else and after he goes home today he will be not be leaving until next week. 

Mr Sobel added he will keep himself occupied with work admin and Netflix. 

He said he has been told that as long as he feels well he can carry on as normal. He added that he is showing no flu-like symptoms. 

He called on the Government putting the proper resources into public health so that if someone does present with symptoms it can be dealt with efficiently, which he says “hasn’t quite happened in this case”.

“I do think there needs to be a stepping up of the resource and support for this,” he said.

“The government really needs to have an utter focus on this.”