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Jeffree Star praised after donating $30,000 to fan who was struggling financially amid the coronavirus crisis

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YouTuber Jeffree Star has been praised for his kindness after he gave $30,000 dollars to a fan who was struggling financially amid the coronavirus crisis.

Mr Star has been giving smaller amounts to people who have had difficulties in the growing economic fallout from the virus and social isolation.

He said on Twitter that one person who retweeted the post would get $30,000 (around £24,200) from him and Bill Pulte – who often gives away money on the internet via the hashtag #TwitterPhilanthropy.

The winner was a mother-of-two named Aurora, who said she would now be able to pay off her debts and put aside money for her children’s future.

YouTuber Jeffree Star gave mother-of-two Aurora $30,000 as a random donation (Jeffree Star/Twitter)

Mr Star posted a video of Aurora’s overwhelmed reaction to his gift on Twitter.

The clip has been viewed around two million times on Twitter alone and Mr Star has received widespread praise.

One commenter said: “You’re so amazing. You are doing more for people than these other multimillionaire companies. Truly shows their colors.” 

Another said: “So happy for her!! You guys are incredible”, while a third added: “Congratulations to the winner! This is amazing. You truly are an angel Jeffree.”

Despite the praise for Mr Star and Mr Pulte, some have questioned this model of giving, which Mr Pulte has followed for some time.  

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Author and commentator Anand Giridharadas wrote to Mr Pulte last year: “Why don’t you donate to an organization that works for tax justice?

“An organization that would push to raise taxes on people like you.”

Coronavirus has hit economies around the world hard, as companies lay employees off amid sharply reduced demand.

More than three million people filed for unemployment in the US in the week ending March 21 – over five times the previous weekly record. 

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