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Mass teddy bear hunt inspired by Michael Rosen’s book keeps lockdown families entertained in New Zealand

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A nationwide teddy bear hunt is keeping children entertained during the coronavirus lockdown in New Zealand.

Inspired by Michael Rosen’s popular children’s book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, thousands of people have placed the furry toy in their windows for youngsters to find while going for walks around their neighbourhoods.

New Zealand has more than 600 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and residents are living under a set of strict quarantine conditions and can only leave home for essential supplies and fresh air.

To spread a bit of cheer during uncertain times and to keep things interesting, the teddy bears are often put into different positions and outfits each day.

Children are spotting bears in New Zealand (Getty Images)

Prime Minister Jacinda Arden has also got involved and put a bear on her window ledge at Premier House, Wellington, where she is in lockdown with her fiancé and toddler.

The national display has also turned into a tribute to Mr Rosen.

The author of the much-loved story is fighting for his life in intensive care, his family has said. 

It is not clear if the illness is coronavirus-related. 

Children’s author Michael Rosen wrote the popular book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt (PA)

Although designed with children in mind, the quest has kept self-isolators busy coming up with creative arrangements and giving the community a sense of hope.

For those who don’t have a toy to use, bears have been cut out of card, fashioned out of straw and even drawn on the ground in chalk.

Annelee Scott came up with the coronavirus bear hunt idea and set up a Facebook Group to get others involved and share photos. 

She wrote on the page, which now has more than 16,000 members: “I’m sure most of you are familiar with the story “Going on a Bear Hunt”. Wouldn’t it be totally fun-tastic if we could take our children on a real-life bear hunt?

“All you have to do if you would like to participate is place a teddy bear in your front window – somewhere it can be seen by people walking passed your house.

“Don’t worry if you don’t have an actual teddy bear, maybe you could draw or paint one.

House near us puts these bears out each day, doing a different activity every time. It’s all I live for currently…

— Adam Harrison (@Adam_Harrison13) March 30, 2020


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