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Naples residents hang up baskets full of food for less fortunate during coronavirus crisis

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Residents in Naples have been hanging up baskets full of food for those less fortunate during the coronavirus crisis.

A sign on one of the baskets reads: “Who can puts in, who can’t takes.”

Leaving baskets outside homes for food deliveries, known as o’panar, is a tradition in the Italian city.

The delivery is placed in the bucket before being pulled up by its recipient.​

However, in this case, the bucket is left hanging outside for the less fortunate to take what they need from it.

It came as Italy observed a minute of silence and flew its flags at half-staff in a collective, nationwide gesture to honour the victims of the coronavirus and their families.

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The Vatican also lowered its flags Tuesday to honour the dead in the country with the greatest toll from the virus, which stands at more than 11,500.

The noon minute of silence was observed in cities and towns around the country.

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