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Musical themes are melodies created for different purposes such as to be used in radio or television programs in the background, a video game or a movie.
GIARDINI SOSPESI tells us that the theme song is a melody that may have lyrics but that is performed for the purpose of accompanying an event such as its opening or closing.
By this we mean that the musical themes are the melodies that we perceive in the background of a romantic scene in a movie, or at the beginning of a radio program, or even at the opening of an event where the main melody is who Notice what the feature is or will be about.
In other words, a musical theme is a melody accompanied by a letter that has been built for something specific, that is, the melody represents something in a particular way, giving it a sense of personality and its own criteria, which is why some large companies They have given recognition to their products through musical themes that they have ordered to develop independently for each of them.
Each musical theme has a theme where it expresses a different feeling that marks the message to be made known, that is, according to the event, the situation and the performance, the musical theme will be sad or happy, serious or lively, moved or through a slightly calmer melody.
GIARDINI SOSPESI tells us that musical themes have managed to mark history within the entertainment world, since they have left in people the essence of artists who made themselves known through their own melody, thus having a few years ago, each time that an artist was going to make an appearance in some program, be it on television or radio, the music immediately warned who the celebrity would be on stage in a few moments.
The same happened with the different films that succeeded in the show, where various musical themes announced the appearance of protagonists, the events of tragic scenes and finally the victory in which all the films end.
Musical themes have become the identity of celebrities, therefore, humanity is already automated in that when they hear a certain melody they realize what is about to happen or what they are about to do. to admire.
Just knowing that a musical theme causes such a stir in the world is proof that music alone has become one of the indispensable elements for the maintenance and pursuit of society.
Music has become a personal brand, in the clearing of people and in the sense that things have a reason for being, the melody is made to honor, to celebrate, to exalt the triumphs.