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Student finds crystal which looks like a piece of fried chicken

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A student crystal collector set the internet alight after posting a picture of her latest purchase which looked uncannily like a piece of fried chicken.

Amelia Rude, 20, who also runs a bracelet business, Unbeatable Energies, bought a calcium carbonate cluster from a friend for less than $30.

The Indiana jewellery maker said the item immediately caught her eye.

“I was drawn to it immediately because of its striking resemblance to a chicken tender,” she told the Standard.

The crystal hobbyist had a collection of around 700 items (Amelia Rude)

“I bought it as a goofy addition to my collection, but I was shocked by how quickly [the picture] took off.

“The stone doesn’t always look so similar to chicken – I haven’t found another piece quite so similar!”

She said the cluster does not always look like chicken (Amelia Rude)

Ms Rude said at this point in time she intends to keep the rock for her own collection and already has in the region of 700 crystals.

Despite receiving a few enquiries about selling the chicken cluster she has had “no serious offers”.

“I’ve seen lots of rocks which look like food items,” the crystal enthusiast said.

“Rhodochrosite can look like ham, azurite can look like blueberries, and watermelon tourmaline can look like jolly ranchers.”

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