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CNN reporter threatened at knifepoint while live on air in Brazil

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This is the moment a CNN reporter was mugged live on air in Brazil.

Bruna Macedo was reporting on rising water levels in the Teté River on Saturday morning when she was threatened with a knife.

CNN footage shows a suspect approach Ms Macedo from the corner of the screen while she speaks to anchor Rafael Colombo.

Ms Macdeo acknowledges the man who is wearing a hooded jumper and beanie hat, before she tries to refocus her attention on the broadcast.

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But the suspect continues to approach her and pulls out a knife, forcing the reporter to take a few steps back.

Ms Macedo can be seen handing the man a phone as the camera pans away to show the street.

The reporter was forced to hand over two phones during the attack.

Mr Colombo told the Brazillian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo that Ms Macedo was uninjured and returned to the CNN centre after the centre.

“She had a terrible scare, but she is fine,” said the news anchor.

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