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Spain locks down 200,000 people after coronavirus cases surge

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Spain has ordered a region with 200,000 people to re-enter full lockdown after a surge of coronavirus cases.

Catalan regional authorities announced that as of noon local time movement will be restricted in El Segria, around the city of Lleida.

Residents will have until 4pm local time to enter the area and will not be allowed to leave, unless they are essential workers.

Catalonia’s regional president Quim Torra told reporters: “We have decided to confine the del Segria zone following data confirming a sharp rise in Covid-19 infections.”

The new outbreak risks derailing the UK’s ‘air bridge’ to Spain (PA)

Regional health authorities said Friday that they had registered a jump in 60 cases in 24 hours, taking the total number of infections to over 4,000 in the county.

It has raised doubts about the UK’s “air bridge” with Spain, announced by the Government on Friday, which allows Brits to travel to the country without having to quarantine at either end

Brits flying to Spain need to fill out a mandatory health form

The travel corridors to 73 nations will open from July 10 and also include France, Germany and Italy. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are following different approaches to England.

Spain was fully locked down from March until June to control its coronavirus crisis, before its national government ended a state of emergency and lifted some curbs.

More than 28,000 people are confirmed to have died after contracting the virus in Spain.

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