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Watch the terrifying moment this woman’s attempt to jump from rooftop into pool goes badly wrong

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This is the terrifying moment a woman’s attempt to jump off a roof into a swimming pool goes very wrong.

The clip, which has been shared widely on social media, shows the daredevil trying to pull off the stunt during July 4 celebrations.

However, she ends up smashing into the patio roof just below before plummeting into the pool.

At the start the footage, the woman is seen standing alongside a man on the roof of a building while people at the pool party cheer from below.

The man manages to safely dive into the pool.

However, the woman stumbles and slows down near the edge of the rooftop before leaping off.

She drops down onto the patio roof and ends up getting flipped upside down before plummeting into the pool.

When she resurfaces she appears fine and even puts her hands in the air.

Twitter user Jasmine Rodrigues shared the video, writing: “It got deleted twice on tic tok but this was my 4th of July.”

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It is not known where the video was filmed.

Social media users flooded the clip with comments, with man asking why no one rushed over to see if she was ok.

“Not one person reacted to her almost breaking her neck,” one said.

Someone else asked: “Why would you make the jump in the first place?”

While a third joked: “Americans acting like they got free healthcare is baffling to the outside world.”

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