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LA prosecutors file extradition request for Harvey Weinstein

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Prosecutors in Los Angeles have filed a request to extradite Harvey Weinstein from New York, in a bid to try the disgraced Hollywood producer on five counts of sexual assault.

Weinstein, 68, is serving a 23-year prison sentence in New York after being convicted of rape in February. He is also accused of assaulting three women in Los Angeles.

The extradition process to bring him to California began in March, but was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office said DA Jackie Lacey filed a request for temporary custody on July 20.

New York officials are expected to set a hearing date to consider the request, prosecutors added.

If successful, it would pave the way for Weinstein to be put on trial again.

Weinstein is charged with five offences against three women in Los Angeles. He is alleged to have attacked a woman at a Beverly Hills hotel in May 2010 as well as sexually assaulting two women during separate incidents in 2013.

If convicted as charged, Weinstein faces 29 years in state prison.

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