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Secret Service may forcibly remove Donald Trump if he won’t leave after defeat, claims Scaramucci

The Secret Service has drawn up secret plans to remove Donald Trump from the White House if the President refuses to accept defeat in next month’s election, Anthony Scaramucci, the former White House communications director, has claimed.

President Trump’s reluctance to commit to accepting the result of the November 3 election has raised questions over whether the incumbent will accept a peaceful transfer of power, should Joe Biden declare victory.

Scaramucci, who ran the President’s press operation for eleven days in 2017, and still has contacts within the administration, says the Secret Service agents, whose role is to protect Mr Trump, would take action to remove him if he refused to leave the West Wing ahead of the new President’s inauguration in January 2021.

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What if he doesn’t want to go?

Scaramucci told i :“The Secret Service and the US Marine Corps that protects that 18-acre area known as the West Wing and the old executive building complex have already had discussions – ‘who is taking him out of there if he doesn’t want to go?’”

“Is it the Marine Corps or the Secret Service? It’s been decided that it’s the Secret Service because it’s more of a civilian protection role than a military one,” claimed the former Trump spokesman who is now one of the President’s most vocal critics.

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci says the Secret Service will remove Donald Trump from the White House if he won’t leave (Photo: Getty)

President Trump has suggested flaws in the mail-in voting system could cast doubt on the outcome. But state legislators, which appoint their own electors who officially elect the President, are unlikely to ignore the result of the popular vote.

The newly-elected President would have the authority to direct Secret Service agents to remove Mr Trump, who would be considered a private citizen when his term expires.

Peaceful transition

If no president or vice-president has been elected by the January 20 inauguration, the next in line to the succession – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi – could be sworn in as president.

The alternatives to a peaceful transition of power are bleak. “If you want to convert a democracy into an autocracy you better get help from the military,” Scaramucci said.

“Trump is arguably the most hated person in Western civilisation, if not the world – arguably the most hated Commander-in-Chief of the modern era. If he loses, where’s he gonna go? He’ll have to leave because the Generals and the courts won’t help him.”