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Worker paints white line over dead possum on New Zealand road

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A road worker who painted a white line over a dead possum in a New Zealand road has been criticised for being “disrespectful” towards the animal.

The picture, which was taken on Monday, shows a white line painted over a dead possum in the middle of a road in Pukekohe, Auckland.

It was shared on Facebook with the comment: “Nice new paint job up Cape Hill today – you had one job.”

Kiki, who shared the picture on social media, told the Evening Standard that her friend took the picture and that while they were surprised, they also saw the funny side too.

“Obviously the possum was roadkill (already dead, possums are pests in New Zealand),” said Kiki.

“Cape Hill Road is a busy road but also a country road.”

Auckland Transport said the line will be repainted (Kiki Kiki)

An Auckland Transport spokesperson told the New Zealand Herald that its contractor had made a mistake in painting over the animal.

“Oops sorry, we missed that on a dark country road,” it said in the statement. “We’ve asked our contractor to remove the possum and to repaint the line.”

Some social media users were disturbed by the error of the road worker.

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Many commented on the post to say it was “disgusting” and “disrespectful” that the pest had not been moved.

“Oh my goodness, sad they should have moved the poor little thing,” said one person commenting on Facebook.

Meanwhile others thought the error was funny.

“I’m disgusted with myself coz I’m laughing,” said one person on Facebook.

Another said: “To be fair he did have one job and he executed it perfectly. It’s just a shame he didn’t have a second job to remove roadkill first.”

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