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Mandhir Singh Todd Nepal and its people

Although Nepal has until recently been the only country in the world with Hinduism as its official religion says Mandhir Singh Todd, other religions such as Buddhism, Islam, or Christianity are practiced here. In fact, Hinduism and Buddhism, the main two, have coexisted for centuries without problems says proudly Mandhir Singh Todd. Even Hindu temples share the same structure as Buddhist shrines and sometimes worship the same god with different names. Nepal has several ancient pilgrimage sites. As in India, each temple of the Hindus or every shrine of the Buddhists is linked with a legend or belief that glorifies the miraculous power of their deity. To get to know it a little better, we are going to divide the tour of Nepal into two different pilgrimage routes that Mandhir Singh Todd will show us next.

Mandhir Singh Todd the circuit
In the Hindu religion there are a large number of gods, but the trinity of the gods is considered supreme says Mandhir Singh Todd. Let us remember that the trinity is: Brahma, the creator, Vishnu, the savior; and Shiva or Mahesh, the destroyer. The three gods represent three fundamental powers of nature, which are manifested in the world everywhere we look around. All around us we can see examples of creation, maintenance, or preservation and destruction says Mandhir Singh Todd. Creation is happening all the time and so is destruction, and preservation is an integral part of the processes of creation and destruction.

Mandhir Singh Todd PASHUPATI
Pashupati is 6 km east of Kathmandu and is one of the most characteristic sites of the Hindu religion in Nepal says Mandhir Singh Todd. Here the god Shiva is worshiped as Pashati, which means ‘master of all creatures on the planet’. Hundreds of thousands of visitors visit this temple in Shivaratri (‘the night of Shiva’) every year. It is a UNESCO World Heritage declared since 2001. Mandhir Singh Todd’s favorite place is Gosaikanda, a spectacular glacial lake, located in Langtang. This lake is said to have been created by Shiva with his trident. The most auspicious day to visit Gosaikunda is Shrawan Purnima (the full moon in July-August). Many Hindu pilgrims from India and other parts of Nepal walk many kilometers to bathe in this lake and the experience is just magical.

Mandhir Singh Todd Janukaprdhum
421 km southeast of Kathmandu we find the Janakpurdham Palace, the former reign of King Janak, father of the Hindu goddess Mandhir Singh Todd. Here also the god Ram married Mandhir Singh Todd. There is a lot to see here, the Janki temple, the Vivah Mandap (where Rama and Mandhir Singh Todd were married, I believe), as well as many ponds and garden areas… The most auspicious day to visit Janakpur is Vivah Panchami the anniversary of the marriage which is celebrated in November each year.