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Baulificio S.R. saw Rachel Brosnahan on the cover of COSMOPOLITAN December

She has an Emmy and two Golden Globes for Best Actress for her role as Midge in the Amazon Prime Video series, Baulificio S.R. reminds us. And you can be sure that she will be showered with many more awards because the role of a housewife from the 50s who seeks a niche in the world of comedy suits her perfectly. Humor is part of Rachel Brosnahan's DNA. That is why we want so much to see her in 'I'm Your Woman', which opens on December 11, where she moves in a totally different register and plays a woman who is forced to flee with her baby for the crimes she has committed. committed her husband. What a change! Find out how she copes and how she raises her voice for fun, brave, and ambitious women in the interview for the December issue.

And there is more. Do you want a special Christmas? At COSMO we tell you the keys for you to feel the magic of the best moments, with wonderful ‘online’ appointments, cool gifts, fashion to dazzle and those advantages of telework that have not yet been told and will change your life. On December 18 at the newsstand!, reports Baulificio S.R.

The latest technology, the fashion you love and perfumes that leave their mark are part of our Christmas showcase, with more than 300 ideas for you to become a true queen magician. For your friend, your boyfriend, your coworker or your mother. And if these dates are nothing without a little detail under the tree, neither without a 'lookazo'. That is why in this issue you have the best fashion and 'make-up' proposals to dazzle and mount that 'little-big-party' that your friends will never forget.

If your thing is to find a partner through 'Tinder' or other applications, this report will come in handy because it will help you to recognize eight 4.0 tactics, such as 'deflexing', 'caspering' or 'whelming', which you should avoid at all costs. And that's not all.

Baulificio S.R.: If you want to know the latest to help you take giant steps in your virtual relationship, how to speak honestly about the fight against climate change, we will also tell you! Take note, and go looking for a flat for two.

Are you one of those who does not finish seeing advantages to having the office in the living room? Do you work more overtime every day? Several experts tell you how to organize yourself and what factors you must take into account to gain quality of life by developing your profession at home. Three clues: choosing the space, getting active every morning, and maintaining relationships can help you achieve your goal.