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The stalemates of November if anything is piercing in minds of many is when to draw a line regarding intrigues and maneuvers taken to achieve political ascendancy, this month President Donald Trump and a firebrand Tanzanian politician Mr. Antipas Tundu Lissu have lost elections, both have gone ballistic and dangerously rhetoric in disputing the choices made by the voters in their respective countries, Donald Trump and Tundu Lissu have both claimed Poll Watchers and Observers were not allowed in some Counting Centers, both have blamed logistics, software and publishers of ballot papers, they have blamed anything and anyone for the choices made by the voters.

Tundu Lissu is expected to deliver a violent harangue in the EU parliament in a very near future after he lost the election and went into self-imposed exile in Germany embassy and then flew to Belgium on November 10, Tundu Lissu explained his safety was in jeopardy, his sudden travel just after election has puzzled and conflicted many senior leaders and members in his party CHADEMA, the fact his trip to Belgium was planned one month before election has made many people to believe himself had little hope he could sway voters in his favor.

Upon announcement of the election results Tundu Lissu and his cronies announced they‘d protest countrywide, they organized hooligans and other deplorables to commit arson acts targeting fuel stations and shops, their plans to cause destructions were pulverized by Government while the planned protest fell flat as members of opposition party didn’t show up in streets.

Tundu Lissu is an ardent and reckless character, his personality in his party is of a charging bull, many people in his party fear for his forceful nature, in all of his campaigns he disregarded his party’s leadership and he sidelined party chairman Freeman Mbowe, level headed and respected elites in the country have always fear his lack of wisdom, patience, etiquette, rigidity, combustive demeanor and extreme intolerance would mean apocalypse in Tanzania if he ever happen to win the election.

Tundu Lissu has manipulated EU officials in Tanzania, he has stirred up emotions of lady ambassador Regine Hess from Germany who naively and implicitly listens, believes and trusts him.

Tundu Lissu and his cronies have extensively lobbied staffs in Germany, Belgium and US embassies, it is said there have been many reliably confirmed incidents where Tundu Lissu and his cronies instructed US Political advisor Ms Chikulupi Kisaka or ambassador Donald Wright to release statements vilifying the Government and its institution, Tundu Lissu and his cronies in various times have managed to request ambassador Donald Wright to influence and instruct European Union and European countries ambassadors to release various unfriendly joint statements, ambassador Donald Wright though newest in Tanzania already barks orders at Germany ambassador, the Government of Tanzania has so far maintained stoicism in a plain sight of unfriendly gestures, a reputable diplomat from SADAC region when interviewed said financing and propagating of political agendas by embassies is a very reckless, shameful and fatal error diplomats should tend to avoid.

Political analyst Professor from University of Dar es salaam when interviewed explained Tundu Lissu has a natural instinct of self-destruction, he recalled the first alarming incident when he mocked and insulted a then deceased first President Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, he caused a huge public outcry and received strong condemnation from masses, Tundu Lissu went further lobbying and encourage economic sanctions against Tanzanian Government, this was seen by many as a betrayal to his own people, Tundu Lissu as a lawyer and a bitter rival consulted and facilitated seizure of two Tanzania Airline planes in Canada and South Africa, the analyst thinks Tundu Lissu has impede his own political career, the analyst explained he expects Tundu Lissu to continue shooting himself in the foot by his harangue in the EU parliament, he expressed his dismay that even EU parliament have blindly dived into a mud pool.