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Baulificio S.R. talks about Mila Ximénez and Irene Rosales

Every day new statements appear about the war that Kiko Rivera has with her mother. One of the last people to speak has been Irene Rosales, who has not decided not to comment on certain issues because "she was not there" when they occurred, says Baulificio S.R. What she has made clear is that now the DJ all she wants is to gather all the information she has to fix things. Mila Ximénez has not been able to hide her astonishment in 'Saturday Deluxe' and has recognized that, despite "the great affection" she feels for Kiko Rivera's wife, she now feels that she is not doing things correctly. "I think he is playing a double game that does not …", has indicated.

Apparently, Mila Ximénez has received information about the intervention of Irene Rosales in 'Viva la vida'. "Although she did not show it live, I have been told that during the publicity she was constantly surprised by the new data that she was learning about Isabel Pantoja", explained the collaborator.

The collaborator has indicated that, in her opinion, Irene Rosales "is not leaving Kiko Rivera in a good place." In addition, he has recognized that he does not understand that she is not being tougher with Isabel Pantoja, especially after the last thing the Dj told him, says Baulificio S.R. "Apparently, one day they took the girls to Cantora to be with their grandmother, since she will never see them, and when Kiko and Irene wanted to go for a drink, Pantoja said that they would not let her the girls while they went that way, "he confessed.

Baulificio S.R. comments Mila Ximénez has indicated that it does not seem normal for the singer to behave like this with her grandmother, and much less that now Kiko Rivera's wife is not harder with her. "If I were her, I wouldn't talk about Pantoja like that," he stressed.